The Beauty in Our Journey

Life is amazing, and YHVH even more so. I’ve gone through some tremendous healing, and personal growth recently, and as a result, a comprehensive breaking open of my head.

Once I’ve gotten the mess cleaned up, and sorted, I want to share more of who I am. I understand now that’s truly the only real thing we have to offer to each other anyway.

I’ll conclude this brief post in gratitude. Gratitude towards a God who has a sense of humor, sense of adventure, and a sense of responsibility, whose love is perfect in every way. Gratitude towards this journey of life, and for the process of growth. Oh how I’m grateful for growth. Last but not least, I’m grateful for you. Without you, this journey would be a lot less interesting.


The Cult of Kek and the Return of a Pagan god

The origin, and components of this phenomenon have already been comprehensively covered by others, so rather than reinvent the wheel with this post, I’d like to take a look at this from a critical perspective. I’ll attempt to make the case for some of the obvious associations I see, as well as discuss the prime factor in it’s emergence, and some of the possible implications.

In order to truly be able to follow along, I feel it’s necessary to have at least some understanding of the circumstances, and history behind the phenomenon. I’ll post a link to some work that has already been done in this regard, however, I do caution that discernment be used when looking further into this. For those still interested, information on the cult of Kek can be found HERE.

When I first learned about the historical origins of Kek, my interest was peaked. Being a god from the Egyptian pantheon, the story of Exodus immediately came to mind. From scripture we’re taught that the events in Egypt weren’t only a judgement against the Egyptians, but that it was also a judgement against their gods. We see YHVH dominate the Egyptian pantheon, and demonstrate His supreme power over all the gods.

For me, to see the reemergence of a defeated, and forgotten deity raises some questions, and I think anyone who takes a little time to look into it for themselves will walk away with some questions of their own.

Before I get into the concerns I have, let’s take a look at the identity of Kek, and some of the shocking similarities to a character a little more familiar to us.

Kek was the Egyptian god of darkness, and chaos, and was given the epithet “bringer-in of light.” To the discerning, a connection with Lucifer should be easy to spot, but the correlation continues. The deity was also attributed to being hermaphroditic. Satanists have a similar figure known as Baphomet/Goat of Mendes, also identified with the devil. There is also the description of the unclean spirits resembling frogs from Revelation 16:13.

With a few of the identity associations out of the way, lets take a look at the keystone factor to this phenomenon, the meme.

For those who are unfamiliar with what a meme is, a meme is a video, text, or image that captures some sentiment from the social undercurrent. Interestingly, there is also this feed-back aspect to it, where the meme itself begins to influence, and make subtle changes to the sentiment(s), and the undercurrent which gave rise to it in the first place. In a very real way, once conceived, the meme begins to take on a life of it’s own.

In witchcraft they have a similar concept called a sigil, and it’s used by practitioners to evoke their will into existence. In this age where science has replaced magic, I believe the meme is the new sigil. Memes are interesting in this respect because they originate, at least initially, from a form of collective consciousness(the internet). Having it’s origins as a social construct, one would assume that its not just one will seeking to be manifested here, but I propose an alternative idea. Is it possible that there is something else driving this phenomenon? Something lurking just below the surface of human perception, seeking to resurrect an ancient god of chaos?

As a believer in Jesus of Nazareth, scripture tells us that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” Ephesians 6:12. If this phenomenon is the will of such a power working behind the scenes influencing, and manipulating our collective human consciousness, what does that mean for us? And what is the ultimate outcome of something like that?

My intention with this post was to introduce a differing narrative to this meme, so getting into everything that following down that line of thought warrants isn’t feasible here, but I hope that it does encourage critical analysis, and further examination. Although this is conjecture on my part, all things taken into consideration, it’s an interesting set of “coincidences,” and its definitely food for thought.

I’ll leave the final say on this subject to the Holy Spirit, because its only through YHVH that all revelation is dispensed, and left up to us individually to decide what to believe. Remember this though, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is King of Kings, the truth, the way, and the life. YHVH is the incomparable, and supreme God of gods, who vanquished Kek once during the time of Moses’ Exodus, who will again vanquish any that stand in defiance when our Lord Jesus Christ returns for the final Exodus.

Stay vigilant, and keep seeking truth in all things.

Are We Headed Towards a New “Holy War?”

In the opening chapter of our collective story, while man still walked with YHVH in His garden, the serpent beguiled our progenitors into abandoning their inheritance, and taking up a dark path away from their creator using the very words of YHVH Himself. In the wilderness, while our Lord hungered, the accuser of the brethren sought to tempt Him using, again, the words of the Most High.

A man much wiser than myself once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Likewise, there is nothing new in the serpent’s approach to turning men towards accomplishing his aims. He works by twisting pliable minds around the truths of God until the lies he devises have been cast like shadows over our understanding. He preys upon our reliance on YHVH, as a lion preys upon the young, and weak. He strives to separate us from the source of our substance, until the solid ground of truth has been replaced by the shifting sand of subjective belief.

It’s not often that we cast a second glance at the ground upon which we stand, much less make a concerted effort to study out that which holds up our inner world. On what have we built our homes? This is a question that many of us unfortunately don’t ask often enough.

I’ve laid that out in an effort to highlight a danger that I see as a very real possibility in our collective future. To make use of a boxing analogy, I believe it’s going to come as a 1, 2 punch, and it has the potential to catch a lot of people off guard. I’ll do my best to direct attention to where I think the blows will be delivered from.

Having exposure to American Christianity from inside the church, I’m concerned with how Genesis 12:3 is manifested in the culture. There is a blind devotion, and fanaticism to this idea that leaves no question in my mind it is driven more by superstitious adherence to an “off limits” tradition, than by any discerned truth regarding the matter. Now I’m sure this will get me labeled as anti-Semitic, but it’s a subject that needs to be talked about.

My next concern stems from a increasingly popular view that our next President here in the US has been divinely appointed. I don’t necessarily have an objection to that in principle, but my caution with this, again, comes from how it could manifest in those who believe it. It’s like anything else that gets attributed to God, it has the potential to evoke fanatical adherence, especially so if it can facilitate a catharsis. Considering the enormous amount of resentment, and animosity that is bubbling up towards Islam in the West, I think this is an appropriate concern.

Given the situation we find ourselves in at the moment, I see the perfect storm of a new “holy war” forming on the horizon, and it’s got me very worried. Besides the obvious threat of death, and destruction that comes with war in general, I see an even greater danger here.

I opened my post with an emphasis on how Satan has consistently used scripture as a platform to try and manipulate man, so lets go full circle with that.

The enemy has clearly known the sequence of events which lead to the salvation of Israel, and the establishment of messianic rule, at least since the prophesies of Ezekiel were recorded in chapters 36 through 39 more than 2500 years ago. Is it possible that Satan has positioned world events in order to manipulate followers of Jesus Christ into fighting a war that looks the part of Armageddon/Gog Magog? Could all of this be part of a grander scheme by the deceiver to set the stage for a great deception to roll out without suspicion, or resistance?

Again, I understand that the premise behind this question brings the desecration of some “sacred cows,” but I’m wholly unapologetic for wanting to bring attention to this potentiality. I’d rather be an object of scorn, than a stumbling block.

May the Father of Lights illuminate the days ahead of us all, and be the firm ground upon which our faith is built. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.